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We love design inventiveness with historical roots to the past and find the visual narrative of Saltaire Life brilliant.

Launched this month with bi-coastal studios in Seattle and New York City, Saltaire Life explores the dichotomy of chic consumption by repurposing traditional, one-of-a-kind kimonos with striking sequined or stitched embellishments.

It should come as no surprise that we feel a real affinity toward the East/West styling given the combination of upcycling and altering vintage garments. The choice to feature the Japanese Fashion blogger Aika Yokoyama, from Aika’s Love Closet, as a part of the Saltaire Life launch was smart and genuine.

According to the team behind Saltaire Life, the name is a double-entendre of sorts – Saltaire is both a town from the 1850’s in England that was home to several textile mills and the feeling you get when you breathe in fresh salt air. Currently exclusively in trunk shows and popup events, inquiries and special requests can be made via Instagram or

We have a feeling that kimonos are just the beginning for this global spirited venture because a breadth of consumers - even those with limited exposure to sustainable textiles - can appreciate the amalgamation luxury with simplexity.